P2E games betting
P2E-betting on Dexsport: unique and fresh
Today games have become an opportunity to earn money: gamers get cryptocurrencies or Non-fungible Token (NFT) for certain actions in the game. The trend is expanding, and the number of attracted users is growing every day, while the value of the whole industry is aiming for $300 billion.
Dexsport offers new unique opportunities for those who want to earn from blockchain games: Play-to-Earn betting. It doesn't matter if you choose to play on Ethereum or anything else, Dexsport will accept bets on either format.
This is a new level of player interaction and the formation of a new economic model. If you have the knowledge and the ability to analyze the course of the game, or if you simply want to feel the excitement and consider yourself lucky, you can use Dexsport to bet on the victory or defeat of different players.
Last modified 2mo ago
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